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NY Weekly Print editions will be published online at permanently.

100K+ people will read the NY Weekly Print December 2023 Edition. Ages vary from 18-65 years old. All readers are U.S based.

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$800 only

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$40 each

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february 2022 issue

december 2022 issue

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How do I get the physical copy?

Copies will be sent to your doorstep. All you need to do is give us your address. Each copy will cost $40 each. You may order up to 20 copies max.

Where will it be displayed?

Online at and print for hundreds of thousands of readers across the U.S. It will also be sent to 100K+ people.

When will it get published?

It is set to be published in December 2023.

Will pages be marked as sponsored?

No, the pages will not be marked as sponsored or advertised.

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