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Code of Ethics (Last updated Dec 2023)

We promulgate this set of community standards which we term our “Code of Ethics”, in an effort to define and curb unethical practices in connection with the consumption of our Services. In our effort to adopt strong and relevant policies, we have incorporated the spirit of generally accepted industry standards in public relations and those in the tech community.

  1. Members shall protect all confidential information and privacy rights of clients and third parties in their communication and dealings with News Anchored and its affiliates and partners.
  2.  Members shall not cause to be published any material that is likely to violate this Code of Ethics or the Ethical Guidelines enacted by its affiliates including without limitation NA Publishing Group LLC and partners.

        a. Such material likely to violate these ethical standards include without limitation the following:

                 i. Plagiarized materials or unlicensed use of another’s intellectual property

                 ii. Sexually explicit or suggestive materials

                 iii. Hate speech or material that promotes or condones hate speech

                 iv. Promotion of cryptocurrency or Web3.0 fundraising projects

                 v. Promotion of illegal activities including illicit drug use

    3. Members shall disclose any existing or potential conflict of interest pertaining to the subject or beneficiary of any article sought to be published prior to submitting the article for publication. 

    4. Member shall conduct themselves with utmost integrity and treat others fairly in connection with our rendering of the Services. 

    5. Member shall be honest and accurate in all communications with Company including should News Anchored and/or its publishing partners undertake an investigation concerning any published media you have submitted and seek your cooperation.


This above referenced Code of Ethics is not intended to be exhaustive and shall be updated from time to time. News Anchored LLC reserves the right pursuant to each member’s subscription agreement and the Terms and Conditions listed on our website to remove any content and/or terminate a subscription agreement. A violation of our Code of Ethics may result in immediate termination of your membership and access to News Anchored Services which may also result in removal of any and all article content published on behalf of the member. Such decisions are exclusively reserved for News Anchored LLC and shall necessarily involve communication with our publishing partners whose standards we must also uphold and enforce. 

In virtue of requesting the Services, each client consents to full compliance with the Ethical Guidelines of our publishing partners, including NA Publishing Group LLC.  


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