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By signing up for our subscription service, you agree to our no refunds policy. We want to make it clear that all subscription fees are non-refundable, even if you decide to cancel your subscription before the end of the billing cycle. Please note that if you wish to cancel your subscription service, you must do so within 3 business days of your next billing period. Failure to cancel within this timeframe will result in another month’s subscription fee being charged to your account.


This service requires a one-time payment. Please note that we do not offer refunds for any products or services purchased. All sales are final. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team if you have any questions. Thank you for choosing our service.

News Anchored is a subscription-based service business focused on forging long term relationships with PR agencies. As such, if a client is not satisfied with our service, our policy is to take all reasonable steps to deliver for that client. If the client is still not satisfied with our service, we pledge 100% satisfaction guarantee which also entails the refund of any and all subscription monies which were expended but not earned. Upon signing our cancellation form, we will promptly refund any subscribers’ subscription fees pursuant to this policy.

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