NewsAnchored LLC to Acquire Digital Assets of Kivo Daily

NewsAnchored LLC to Acquire Digital Assets of Kivo Daily

Leading Media Conglomerate Embarks on Strategic Growth Journey After Successful Negotiations; Expands Reach through Acquisition of Kivo Daily’s Digital Assets, Pioneering New Horizons in Digital Journalism


WASHINGTON, August 8, 2023 (NewsAnchored) — NewsAnchored LLC, a dynamic media conglomerate known for its commitment to delivering diverse and impactful content, is delighted to announce its forthcoming acquisition of the digital assets of Kivo Daily, a prominent online publication renowned for its insightful coverage of business, entrepreneurship, technology, and lifestyle trends. This strategic move bolsters NewsAnchored’s position as a trailblazer in the digital media landscape and underscores its dedication to offering valuable and engaging content to its readers as it bolsters public relations and brand recognition.

Kivo Daily, established in 2018, has consistently served as a trusted source for readers seeking thought-provoking articles on the latest developments in business, brands, technology, leadership, and lifestyle. The publication’s dedication to delivering quality insights and fostering meaningful conversations has cultivated a dedicated and engaged readership. With this acquisition, NewsAnchored LLC aims to leverage Kivo Daily‘s esteemed digital assets to expand its digital footprint and elevate its coverage of pivotal industry trends.

By amalgamating Kivo Daily‘s expertise and digital presence, NewsAnchored endeavors to amplify its content offerings and provide readers with an even more diverse array of valuable and pertinent information across various domains.

The acquisition of Kivo Daily‘s digital assets resonates with NewsAnchored’s vision of embracing digital innovation and offering an extensive range of content that resonates with its audience. The conglomerate recognizes the significance of adapting to the evolving digital landscape and is enthusiastic about leveraging Kivo Daily‘s existing digital platforms to provide engaging and insightful content to its readership.

“Through this acquisition, we’re taking a significant step forward in our mission to provide timely and relevant content to our audience. The digital assets of Kivo Daily harmonize seamlessly with our dedication to delivering top-tier journalism and captivating storytelling,” stated Julianne Z., Chief Operating Officer of NewsAnchored LLC.

The team at Kivo Daily is equally excited about this collaboration. “We are thrilled to be joining forces with NewsAnchored LLC. This partnership opens up new horizons for us to expand our digital reach and continue providing impactful content to our readers. Together, we will create a dynamic platform that deeply resonates with readers,” shared Dillon Kivo, Founder and CEO of Kivo Daily.

NewsAnchored LLC’s acquisition of Kivo Daily‘s digital assets underscores the conglomerate’s enduring commitment to delivering valuable content across multiple digital platforms. By harnessing the strengths of both entities, this collaboration aims to elevate reader engagement, provide relevant insights, and foster meaningful connections.

As NewsAnchored and Kivo Daily collaborate to integrate digital assets, readers can anticipate a seamless transition and an ongoing dedication to delivering informative and captivating content that influences their lives.


About NewsAnchored LLC

NewsAnchored LLC is a forward-thinking media conglomerate that boasts diverse digital platforms encompassing news, lifestyle, culture, and more. With an unwavering commitment to delivering insightful and engaging content, the conglomerate’s publications network strives to offer readers meaningful experiences that educate, inspire, and connect.

Through its dedication to digital innovation and its pursuit of enriching the audience experience, NewsAnchored LLC has emerged as a dependable destination for individuals seeking high-quality content in an ever-evolving digital realm.


About Kivo Daily

Established in 2018, Kivo Daily is an influential online publication that has garnered a reputation for its coverage of business, entrepreneurship, technology, and lifestyle trends. Kivo Daily has established itself as a respected source of insights and inspiration within the digital media landscape by delivering thought-provoking articles and fostering engaging dialogues.

Kivo Daily’s commitment to delivering timely and pertinent content has solidified its standing as a trusted and influential player in the realm of digital media.

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