Grow Your Agency by Getting Your Clients in Google Ranking News Sources.

Diversify your services by partnering with us, and drive results for your clients.

Are you an agency owner, consultant or firm that wants to drive results for your clients by getting them in the media?

Do you want to offer a service that you can be a proud of and also profit from?

If your answer to those questions are an obvious “YES!” then our News Anchored Agency program is for you wants to give you this chance to be one of our partners.

Stop wasting time, energy, and money trying to build your clients’ online brands.

Agencies who don’t work with us face these issues below:

  • Their clients pause/stop paying the monthly retainers because they don’t see results. 
  • Agencies spend countless hours daily pitching their client’s stories without any success. 
  • Overspend of publicist salaries without any real results.
  • You spend more time focusing on pitching your client’s story than you do focusing on acquiring new ones and increasing your overall revenue.

We are News Anchored.

We’re a company deeply committed to helping agency owners maximize their profit potential through guaranteeing news placements.

We’ve helped everyone from small businesses to large conglomerates get featured on our twenty-six news publications. We get your clients’ brands in front of thousands of people without you having to spend thousands of dollars on publicists, missing sleep over unhappy clients and most importantly you can focus on income roducing tasks.

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For Anyone and Everyone

More than anything, we value equal opportunity. It’s what we stand for at News Anchored. And so we don’t just work with people who already have millions of subscribers/followers or 7 or 8 figure companies. We want to give every one a chance to make it. Helping our clients fulfill their dreams and aspirations is our fuel. As long as the company follows our article guidelines we can publish them

Get in the News

So why should you do business with us?

Service Diversification

The more you can offer as a business, the more you can help your clients get their desired results. We have a proven way of getting brands and businesses more visibility, authority, and awareness. We can do the same for your clients.

Guaranteed Results

You will have confidence when selling your PR service to your clients knowing that you can deliver 100% of the time and very quickly. We’ve never failed to deliver on our promise and we don’t intend to start.

Revenue Growth

When you have diversified services and guaranteed output, you’ll certainly experience an increase in agency revenue. Since you will have more time on your hands you can focus on client acquisition.

Client Portal

When you work with us, you will be given access to your own client portal. This portal will allow you to keep track of all your orders so you don’t have to worry about a messy email box. You can also track your invoices, customer support, and ultimately stay organized with all of your client’s article placements. 

Top-level client support

Our team has your back, and we will continue to have your back as long as you’re working with us. We don’t take your time lightly. So we ensure that you get what you need with as little to no hassle as possible. Our mission is to take as much off of your plate when it comes to staying organized and getting your clients published.

Proven results

Not only do your clients get featured. But the publications we feature your clients in will drive traffic— no doubt. The goal is to get your clients published in the media while increasing their online authority, improve credibility and increasing their social media engagement to drive sales through the roof…So they can happily pay your monthly retainer.

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Here's How It Works

We improve your brand’s exposure by writing and publishing a news
story on over 200 news sites. Our skilled team can write about any topic!
Our experienced team of
writers craft the perfect news
story to promote your brand
Our team then publish your
article on our network of over
200 news sites.
We send you a full reports with
live links, and you enhoy the
boost in exposure and sales.

Grow Your Brand Today

Get featured on major news sites to drive visitors and
customers to your website, all for a one-time payment.

1 Article Placement

$ 300
  • Article writing services NOT included
  • Publishing time - 48 hours

10 Article Placements

$ 1,500
  • 10 placements for any publications within the News Anchored Network
  • Article writing services included
  • Publishing time - 48 hours
  • PR account executive
  • VIP service and support 7 days a week
  • Include up to 2 Hyperlinks per article
  • Publish up to 1 image per article

25 Article Placements

$ 2,500
  • 25 placements for any publications within the News Anchored Network
  • Article writing services included
  • Publishing time - 48 hours
  • PR account executive
  • VIP service and support 7 days a week
  • + Include up to 3 Hyperlinks per article
  • + Publish up to 2 images per article

* 30-day grace period (If you aren’t seeing the value, we fully refund your investment, but I’m certain you’re going to love it)

* Grandfather Clause (If you want to renew, you won’t have to worry about our fees increasing)

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Get in the news today.

Stop wasting time, energy, and money trying to get in the news and failing.

Whether you’re doing it on your own or working with an unreliable PR partner, you must know the heartache of going through all the trouble to get in the news only to find out they won’t feature you because they took your competitors story instead. News Anchored was created with agencies in mind. Contact us today and let’s your story published across twenty-six publications that will boost your credibility and improve your online footprint.