Dillon Kivo

NewsAnchored LLC Strengthens Leadership with Appointment of Dillon Kivo as Chief Marketing Officer Following Acquisition of Kivo Daily (August 2023)

WASHINGTON, August 18, 2023 (NewsAnchored) — NewsAnchored LLC, the innovative media conglomerate known for its commitment to delivering diverse and impactful content, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Dillon Kivo as its Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). This strategic addition to the leadership team not only reinforces NewsAnchored’s dedication to innovative growth but also marks

NewsAnchored LLC to Acquire Digital Assets of Kivo Daily

Leading Media Conglomerate Embarks on Strategic Growth Journey After Successful Negotiations; Expands Reach through Acquisition of Kivo Daily’s Digital Assets, Pioneering New Horizons in Digital Journalism   WASHINGTON, August 8, 2023 (NewsAnchored) — NewsAnchored LLC, a dynamic media conglomerate known for its commitment to delivering diverse and impactful content, is delighted to announce its forthcoming

NewsAnchored LLC Welcomes World Reporter in Acquisition

WASHINGTON, June 20, 2023 (NewsAnchored) — NewsAnchored LLC, the dynamic media conglomerate known for its diverse portfolio of content offerings, is thrilled to announce its recent acquisition of World Reporter, a globally recognized news outlet with a strong commitment to delivering unbiased and comprehensive coverage of international events. This strategic move enhances NewsAnchored’s position as

Media Conglomerate, NewsAnchored LLC Acquires Women’s Journal

WASHINGTON, March 15, 2023 (NewsAnchored) — In a strategic move that solidifies its position in the media landscape, NewsAnchored LLC, a prominent media conglomerate, has officially announced the acquisition of Women’s Journal, a leading publication dedicated to empowering women and highlighting their achievements. This acquisition marks a significant step in NewsAnchored’s commitment to fostering diverse

NewsAnchored Embraces Inclusivity: BLK News Acquisition Signals a Promising Future

WASHINGTON, January 18, 2023 (NewsAnchored) – In a groundbreaking move for media inclusivity, NewsAnchored, the leading global news network, has recently completed the acquisition of BLK News, a prominent platform dedicated to amplifying the voices of cultural minorities. This acquisition marks a significant step forward for NewsAnchored in its mission to foster a diverse and